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Importance of Education in Everyone`s Life


Education has and will always remain to be important in our lives despite the theories that challenge this fact. For all those people who have given their time and resources to get educated, no one has ever regretted the decision or challenges it which is a clear assurance that there is the need to be educated. There are different forms of education which range from cultural to the one that is acquired in schools. With the current situation in our economy, there are certain challenges that are brought about by lack of education. The economy tends to slow down since some people are just consuming without producing. If they were well educated, the economy would be far much better since everyone would be independent (Janks). The upper middle class is a major aspect in this and therefore, will form the basis of this discussion and their income levels. There are various benefits of education which include happy and stable life, money, equality, turning one’s dreams into reality, and the economic growth of the nation. These are among the benefits that can help change the levels of poverty that people have just by acquiring education. Education will change the lower middle-class income earners to self-dependent people (upper middle class) who will create chances for others to prosper.


Importance of education


The upper middle class are people in the society who are well of including the professionals and high ranking people in the society. These are people who would be useless in the society were it not for the education. Money comes in with better education since one is attributed to better employment opportunities and therefore better pay. The upper middles class are people who have had helped the society in one way or the other since they can afford to. With education, one is able to create more opportunities not just for themselves but for others. Making money in such a situation, therefore, becomes easier which leads to the increase in the levels of their income. Money is sweet when earned through ones hard work (Janks). With better education, therefore one will be able to acquire a better position in the workplace and earn more.

Education makes people self-dependent

Education helps one to become self-dependent in that one can make his or her own decision based on the best approach to use. This implies that there is no need to always consult others since one is aware of the best way forward. This means that one can even be able to come up with life solutions that will bring them out of the situation they are in. An example is the upper-middle-class people who start other businesses other than the organizations they are employed in. They try to fetch more money from other businesses since they have the knowledge and skills to do that. All these techniques are got from the education they get in class and in their workplace. This, therefore, increases their levels of income as they utilize the resources available to make more.


Happy and stable life

What more would one ask or work for if not a stable and happy life? Education gives it all since it allows one to live the kind of life they want and are working for. Other people just dream of becoming successful but give very little towards achieving that. Education opens the doors for everyone to have the chance to work for the life they have always wished to have. The upper-middle-class people are known t live such kinds of life. They have finished their education and are now enjoying their fruits. There are even those who never stop furthering their education as they have tasted the fruits and know how sweet they are.


Education does not discriminate. It gives everyone who wants to get the chance a chance. In the society, there are those who are more respected than others especially because they are more educated. Being educated means you are rich and living a good life. If everyone was educated, therefore, there would be equality and no discrimination (Bano). Everyone should, therefore, go to school and get the education to become someone useful in the society. Education is the only tool that we can use to remove the class differences in the society. Everyone if educated will reason the same and progress to the right direction. We need education if we need a fair and just society.

Economic growth of the nation

In countries that the literacy levels are high, the economic situation there is stable. To the contrary, in countries that are developing and the levels of literacy is low, their economic conditions are unstable. What this implies is that such countries should embrace education and see to it that everyone is learned for a better economy.


From the above analysis, it is clear that the levels of income of the upper-middle-class people rise with the increase in the levels of education. Education brings better results both to the society and to the individual. It is, therefore, important for everyone to embrace education putting in mind that their future belongs to them and is in better education. There is the education for everyone, and therefore people should not wait for others to get educated to help them. Let’s all embrace education to have a better future as we have always dreamed of.

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