This section serves as an essential source of information on how you can become a better learner. The page contains useful advice, links to authority sites or videos not forgetting book recommendation for the same purpose:


Useful Advice

Use the search box

In the case, you are looking for relevant information on our media library there is a search box, which serves that purpose. Search boxes make it easy to access information online. You only need to use keyword or tag words and the website will open a page with all the relevant sources.

We do not have everything

Just like any regular library, we cannot guarantee every piece of information. We, however, promise you access to the best most current sources of information available. The topics will be varied, and therefore you choose the one you seek most.

Seek clarification from us

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Links to Useful Authority Sites/Videos

We are not the only source of information for you to rely on; we are ready to recommend you to authority sites and videos. We are hugely concerned with feeding you with information about the significant aspects of life like politics, religion, self-help, finance, health among many others. To us the best things one needs to learn about include health and fitness management, financial management, and relationships management. Some of the links to such authority sites and videos are below:

Health and Fitness

  1. a) Bayesian Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding coach Menno Henselmans created this site. From the one could get information about advanced training & nutrition. The information is based on research and scientific evidence.

  1. b) Roman Fitness Systems-

This site belongs to fantasy geek John “Roman” Romaniello. The site provides quite entertaining fitness coverage and writing for your consumption.


Finance Management

  1. a) Investopedia-

The world of finance is filled with lots of jargon anyone needs to understand. The page not only teaches you about these terms but also health with details into investments and finance management. You can subscribe to the page and get access to everyday topics and courses.

  1. b) com-

The page talks about everything, but you can also learn finance and economics here. If you are looking for a more detailed finance page, then you are in the right place. The site will expose to basic important financial formulae. If you a stock trading person then the formulas could also come in handy.

Relationships Management

  1. a) Self-Growth –

This page is an all relationships topics page. Here you will get the best tools to support you through your relationships. The page also comes as a community where you can share views with other visitors. You will have a dig into the best practices to dealing with the people you love and care about in your life.

  1. b) Good Therapy-

On this page, you get access to relationship therapy lessons. If you wish to improve the way you relate with others, then this is the go-to page. Make the best out of it, and you will not have a people skills crisis.

Book Recommendations

Reading is not good reading if you are not aware of the path to take in your reading. A good learner seeks the best place to get knowledge from in their learning process. A change in the way you tackle learning could work well for you improving your learning experience. Below are some book recommendations that could make your learning successful:

  1. Accelerated Learning Techniques- more in a shorter time learning book. The book is the work of Joe McCullough
  2. Make It Stick! This a book for people with low selective retention. The more you read, the more you retain, the more you learn book is the work of Peter C. Brown
  3. Novice to Expert: This book by Scott will enable you to learn anything. You will be able to increase knowledge and master new skills faster. Steps to Learn Anything, Increase Your Knowledge, and Master New Skills- by Steve Scott

The list of resources is long. This depends on what you wish to gain from learning online. will help in some areas, but the above and other resources should be able to provide additional information.